Week One- Starting off

The first week consisted of deciding as a team, what area of the Engineers without borders (EWB) project we were going to focus on. We decided to tackle the issues of energy in Lobitos (South America, North Peru), more specifically the issues surrounding the use of natural gas, a fossil fuel, for cooking purposes.

The team consists of;

  1. Rizwan Farooq (Project Manager) -Mechanical Engineer
  2. Ramil Abdrashitov – Mechanical Engineer
  3. Shahad al-Sulaiti – Electrical & Electronic Engineer
  4. Matthew Saint – Mechanical Engineer

We each initially came up with our own issues we wished to tackle, which were

  • Fuel for cooking
  • Cooling of vaccines/medications at medical facilities
  • Purification of water

and each researched into the pros and cons of each design in comparison to the system which is already in place. Researching into the environment and resources available in Lobitos, we concluded that an alternate fuel for cooking was the most interesting and challenging area. We chose to pursue a design based upon Biogas and have started research into possible designs of a Biogas digester and the possible issues surrounding the system for our meeting next week.


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